Popularization of Science

Celebration of Science and Technology Days


  • To raise the public awareness about the importance of science education and to heighten the enthusiasm for science and technology learning and understanding across all demographics.
  • To foster an increase in the public understanding of science by facilitating partnerships between formal and informal science institutions.
  • To enable students to work toward maximizing individual potentials.
  • To enable students to improve their selfconcept: feeling a sense of accomplishment and success in completion.
  • To enable people to become more aware of current issues in science investigation.

GUJCOST Science Quiz

GUJCOST Science Quiz is organized for secondary and higher secondary school students. The programme is organized every year in all the districts of state in coordination with district quiz coordinator from Network of Community Science Centers and other academic/scientific institutes. Organized district and state level science quiz with participation of 1500 plus schools from the state with four teachers and one teacher from each school.

National Science Day

National Science Day is celebrated on 28th February every year in honour of Sir C.V. Raman for his legacy and discovery of the Raman Effect. Every year the theme for celebration is provided by the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. The celebration is done by arranging popular lecture series, exhibitions and demonstration, essay writing, quiz and debate competition on subjects of science and technology, gram sabha, development of low cost scientific toys and exhibition pertaining to it.

National Science Seminar

Gujarat Council on Science & Technology (GUJCOST), Gandhinagar was assigned for District Level and State level round of National Science Seminar. The theme of the programme is provided by NCSM. The programme is organized in all the districts of state in coordination with Community Science Centers and other academic/scientific institutes.

Western India Science Fair

For Gujarat state GUJCOST is organizing Western India Science Fair for secondary school students, higher secondary school students and school teachers.

Science Drama Competition

GUJCOST conducts/organizes state level National Science Drama competition in Gujarat state. District level competition was conducted through its network of Community Science Centres existing in 33 districts of the state. District winner team is sent for state level competition, from where one team was promoted to participate in Zonal Science Drama Festival.

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