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Gujarat Nano Mission

The Department of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat has identified Nano Science and Nano technology as a fast developing and emerging field where in lie vast opportunities for development of business and industries in Gujarat.

The DST, Govt of Gujarat is proposed to constitute Gujarat Nano Mission which will be responsible for designing and developing Nanoscience and nanotechnology education, research and development in the state and to keep pace with national and global streams of development.


Gujarat Nano Mission for the Benefits of State of Gujarat and the entire country.


To conduct and support Nanoscience and Nanotechnology awareness, education, research, development, design and engineering in nanotechnology, and transfer the technology to industrial sector in order to increase Gujarat's competitiveness, and improve the quality of life and the environment.


  • To conduct R&D in order to acquire advanced knowledge in nanoscience and nanotechnology at international level, at the same time, built awareness to society and environment.
  • To drive national strategies and policies for nanoscience and nanotechnology in ways that yield concrete and sustainable results,
  • To transfer the knowledge and know-how in nanoscience and nanotechnology to the industrial sector while disseminating accurate information to the public,
  • To undertake capacity building of human resource development in nanoscience and nanotechnology development,
  • To develop infrastructure that would facilitate nanoscience and nanotechnology development.
  • Gujarat Nano Mission will strive to be visible in global nanotechnology research arena and has establishes a number of formal and informal research collaborations with local and international partners.
  • To design and develop a Nanotechnology Park in the state for public awareness, understanding and appreciation.


  • To identify Nano science concepts
  • To evolve Nanotechnology applications
  • To develop Nanotechnology products
  • To evolve business models in nanotechnology
  • To make the consumers interested
  • To make nanotechnology commercial
  • To see smarter products at comparable prices
  • To ensure a better quality of life for all
  • To see a cleaner and sustainable environment
  • To expand the knowledge & skills in Nanotechnology
  • To make nanotechnology business & our partners grow


  • Constitution of a core-group of experts and members for conceptualization and planning
  • Preparing a draft Policy Document for the approval of the Government
  • Organizing National and International Conferences and workshops on the subject matter
    to involve more ideas, concepts and collaborations
  • Preparing a road map for on the promotion and development of Nano Science and
    Nanotechnology in the state for 2020.
  • Requesting DST, Govt of Gujarat to allocate a special funding during the coming financial
    budget for 2012-13 and to include the same in the Five Year Plan.
  • Making a database of scientists and researchers along with their organizations working
    in the field of Nanoscience and nanotechnology
  • Outlining the collaborative approach among academic institutions, industries and
    corporate sectors for overall development at the par with market demand.

Gujarat Nano Mission

The DST, Govt of Gujarat, is committed to make use of the Nano science and Nanotechnology for the welfare of the society and betterment of the environment. GUJCOST, in the year 2008, has taken the initiative to promote this interdisciplinary field of Nano Science and Nanotechnology which has capable of opening limitless possibilities to create novel things. In this direction, we have six Center of Excellence at SP University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar, MS University; Baroda, Saurashtra University, Rajkot and Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad.

Interestingly, these six COE includes two chemistry departments, one physics department, one material science department and one Chemical Engineering department. But today, we have a good no of academic institutions, research organizations, industrial sectors including pharmaceutical, textile, agriculture, consumer products, etc are working together in this promising field of science and technology.

TheGujarat Nano Mission will facilitate necessary support and environment to Nanoscience education, research, development, design and engineering in nanotechnology, and transfer the technology to industrial sector in order to increase Gujarat's competitiveness, and improve the quality of life and the environment.

GUJCOST has taken the responsibility to identify the appropriate need and area and to define the scope and opportunities in this sector. GUJCOST is preparing the road map of Gujarat Nano Mission and to networking with India Nano Mission as well as other International collaborations.

Gujarat Nano Mission will be engaged in basic education and research as well as the applied aspects of nano-science and the nanotechnology. Thus, Gujarat Nano Mission's strong nanotech research facilities and the policy may create a revolution bigger than any other initiative by other states.

The innovations for these technologies require novel, made to art nanomaterial, systems and devices with enhanced functionality. Areas which are of direct relevance to Gujarat in terms of societal and economical concern are Energy, Environment, Medical, Textiles, Agriculture, Transport and water resources. In the area of Energy, work can be undertaken in the area of functional materials for solar cells and fuel cells. In the area of Environment, adsorbing materials for clean air and water could be of great importance.

In the area of health, in addition to health care and targeted drug delivery systems, Longer lasting Medical Implants is attractive area where Gujarat can make a mark. These could be made of nanostructured metals and alloys, nanostructured ceramics and composites etc.

Since Gujarat is now hub of manufacturing transport vehicles, work could be undertaken to develop and manufacture materials catering to these industries. These are again structure materials ( nanostructured composites) catalyst for increasing fuel efficiency as well as to minimize pollution.

The world has not been lighted by fire; it is the idea of fire. The world has not moved on the wheel or the steam engine, it is again the idea of those inventions. Thus, the world moves on ideas. And, it would be our concern and promise to explore the best possibility through nanotechnology, which has the potential to change the way the world has been looking at itself so far.

Centre of Excellence in Nanotechnology in Gujarat

Sr No. Institute / University Name of the Project
1. Sardar Patel University
Department of Materials Science,
VallabhVidyanagar - 388120. Dist. Anand
Nanoscience & Nanomaterials
2. Gujarat University
Department of Chemistry,
School of Sciences,
Ahmedabad - 380009.
Fullerene, Nanotubes , Rotaxanes,
Calixarenes and their applicability in
Environmental & Material Sciences
3. Bhavnagar University
University Campus,
Gaurishankar lake Road,
Nanotechnology of Nanomagnetic
4. M.S.University of Baroda
Department of Chemistry,
Faculty Of Science,
Material Science- Nano polymeric
5. Saurashtra University
Department of Physics,
Rajkot - 36000S.
Development of Oxide Nanomaterial
Thin Films & Multilayers For Device
6. Dharmsinh Desai University,
Department of Chemical Engineering,
Nadiad .Dist, Kheda
Nano Catalysts: Development and

Nanotechnology: Small Science - Big Dreams

Gujarat Council on Science & Technology (GUJCOST), working under the aegis of the Dept of Science & Technology, Govt of Gujarat is promoting the Research and Development activities in the state by encouraging scientists, researchers, faculties and students for taking up research activities in emerging areas of science and technology for the benefit of the society.

GUJCOST has taken the responsibility of promotion and popularization of Nano-technology programme in the state and carried out a series of awareness programmes and outreach activities for further promotion in Nano-science education and research in the state. As a part of this initiative, GUJCOST has identified six university departments of the states as Center of Excellence and awarded Rs.SO.OO lakh each for nanotech research and development work.

During 2011-12, GUJCOST has taken necessary steps to push the nanotechnology education and research in the state and to establish the Gujarat Nano Mission in the line of Government of India Nano mission. GUJCOST is working in this direction to achieve the goal of reaching at the student's level for their awareness, imagination and motivation.

In addition, GUJCOST is participating in the Bangalore Nano event at Bangalore every year. GUJCOST is preparing a data base of nanotechnology education and research in the state, national and international level and to promote the latest trend in the state.

Gujarat is known for Nano State

Gujarat has already known for its Nano. Entire country has seen how Nano car has been rolled down from the state of Gujarat within a short span of time. This entrepreneurial spirit has brought several such projects for the state which are unique in their approach and product.

India offers a vast market for any product including the nanotechnology based products. Within India, one could not have started from a better place than this enterprising western region of the Country called Gujarat.

The State of Gujarat is the industrial face of India. It contributes almost 40% of industrial production, 20% of exports and 30% of market capitalization of the country. The pace of growth of the economy and the flow and fructification of industrial investments is very high.

This makes Gujarat an ideal market for the nanotechnology products in the industrial and social sectors. Further, this region has a long coast line where most of the Industrial development is now taking place. This also fosters the growth of urbanization in newer areas. All this needs nanotechnology driven solutions in the industrial, urban, agricultural, social and infrastructure sectors.

Nano: science of the miniature, and the technology ofthe future

Nanotechnology - the science of the miniature, and the technology of the future - is one of the most exciting and wide area of research which may lead to the greatest technological advances of the 21st century. It is a global phenomenon and an emerging field that finds its way into a myriad of industrial applications spanning across all areas of science and technology.

associated with the creation and scrutiny of minute objects, measuring between 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanotechnology can be defined as the application of science, engineering and technology to develop novel materials and devices in different fields in the nano- range. Today, with the expanding field of science and technology, the world has become smaller and continues to do so with each passing day.

Nano is not new; it is in nature

When fire, as an element in human life, was discovered or when the wheel was invented or when the steam engine was developed, they were there in the nature and the things nature has offered to us. What created history were those spirits of curiosity and the time of dawning of that knowledge and the capability to produce and use them. Same is true with Nano science and nanotechnology. Nothing here is new, only our enhanced capacity to manipulate what is already there.

Molecular manipulation or manipulation of the components and structure of the matter at the Nanoscale is all about Nano science and this is how nanotechnology is not a surprise. It's a predictable process if the basics are clear.

But definitely nanotechnology is even more powerful an innovation than fire, wheel or steam engine. And like them, its potential is also limited only by our capacity to understand and unfold it. And again like them, nanotechnology is there in the nature, in the things nature offers and the materials we use.

Today, it is a fast developing discipline of science and technology. While over thousand nanotechnology products are already in the market, a host of other Nano science innovations are in the laboratory. Every nanotechnology company, particularly the startups and moderate size Nanotechnology units and ventures, cannot afford to do their own research and innovation in the applications involving Nano science and technology.

And moreover, why reinvent a wheel which is already invented. Also as our capacity to manipulate matter is increasing, newer qualities and capacities of the same matter are coming to our knowledge. This complexity needs deep rooted research and development to harness the potential of nanotechnology.

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