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GUJCOST Science ClubGujarat Council on Science and Technology as an effort for science popularization among secondary and higher secondary school students a concept of GUJCOST SCIENCE CLUB has been initiated. Under this programme 2000 science clubs in secondary and higher secondary schools covering majority of districts of the state have been set-up through Community Science Centers. Science and Technology can bring great wonders. It can transform grains of sand into micro chips, which are the brains behind our computes. It can be used in spacecraft they can travel billions of miles through the solar system to visual distant planets. Science can be used to produce antibiotics to fight deceases - this is the approach of thousands of young students in Gujarat, both in rural and urban areas of the state who are the part of the School Science Clubs to explore the unexplored.

Gujarat Council on Science & Technology (GUJCOST), working under the aegis of the Department of Science & technology, Government of Gujarat is all set to establish a total of 2000 science clubs in schools to promote scientific thinking among the children and the community members across the state.

As a part of Swarnim Goal during 2010-11, GUJCOST had established 1000 science clubs in different districts. The council had established 2000 science clubs preferably in the rural areas for the promotion and popularization of science and technology at community level till the year 2014-15.

The Science Club has a specific objective as it aims to explain, exhibit and demonstrate scientific activities and to induct observational, logical and analytical approach among school students. Moreover, the activities and engagement in the science club will lead to create a scientific attitude among the young students which can inspire and encourage the students for their life-long learning.

The school science clubs are being established by the Community Science Centers located at each of the districts. GUJCOST has been designed and developed an activity kit for the science club which can be used by the club members to understand the science and to feel its excitement.

Secondary School is an important phase of life where young students define their identity. By joining science clubs that expand his or her horizons, it helps define interests and allows bonding experiences for the future. Students have increased interpersonal skills, which help build healthy self-esteem. By building a positive identity, students are less likely to seek negative bonding experiences that may cause serious trouble for him/her. Lasting and lifelong friendships made as a result of clubs and school activities allow for a healthy self-image to transition your teen into a young adult.

School Science Clubs are important, make no mistake. They give kids something to do after school, and give them something to look forward too. The things you learn, and the friendships you make from doing things after school is reason enough to make sure that they stick around.

Science has an important role in our day to day life. So we have to create interest and positive activities towards science. The significant method to create interest is to answer everyone’s queries related to science with the help of activities.

We take this opportunity to invite one and all to this programme and to guide our young minds in their scientific pursuit.


  • To inculcate scientific thinking among school children
  • To explain, exhibit and demonstrate curriculum based scientific activities to students
  • To develop easy and understandable methods of science and mathematics learning for students
  • To induct observational, logical and analytical approach among students
  • To explain and exhibit usefulness and importance of science at various stages of life to students
  • To design, organize and execute various scientific competitions and programs at district and state level for students
  • To bring awareness against existing superstitions, false beliefs and prejudices of society
  • To build scientific temperament in newer generation

Establishment of Science Clubs

Each district and regional Community Science Centres are assigned for establishment of 50 and 100 science clubs respectively in their district with priority to rural areas.

Training, Workshops and Material Distribution

GUJCOST organized orientation programme for key resource persons in Ahmedabad and orientation programme for school teachers / principals at their district head quarters were organised by Community Science Centres. Resource materials was distributed to all science clubs in form of guidelines booklets, "Vigyan Drishti” posters, bimonthly science club network newsletter, science club diary etc to each science club.

District Level Activities

Various activities on the theme are carried in each science club like

  • Celebration of scientific days with activities like essay competition, science quiz, poster and chart competition, rally, etc on the theme
  • Field visit of near by Botanical Garden / Nursery / Farm / Area of Coral Reef / Mangrove / Wetland / Water Body etc. And study the flora and fauna.
  • Survey and Report preparation on local medicinal plants and trees; identification of local birds, animals, insects and their study
  • Collection and study of various cereals, pulses, food grains, etc and understanding its importance.
  • Study of medicinal plants, trees, herbs, shrubs etc and organic farming.
  • Demonstration and exhibition of reports, charts, posters, photographs, collected specimens, etc at their school level.
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