Research & Development

List of Recommended Project for the year 2015-16

Sr. No Project Title Name of PI/Institution/University
1 Studies on interfacialcharacteristics of Liquid- Liquid system Dr.V.N.Lad,
Sardar Vallabhbhai nationalinstitute of technology,Surat,
2 Study of action of natural andsynthetic stabilizing agents in inhibiting degrading reaction and inpreservation and conservation of nutrients ,odour&Flavour in fruit juices Dr. Rita Agarwal
Government engineering College,Bharuch-392002,
3 Flux Enhancement in a cross flownanofiltration by trans membrane pressure pulsation and flow reversal for thereclamation of waste water Dr.TejalM.Patel,
G.H.Patel college of Engineering& Technology, VVN,
4 Electrochemical degradation of organicpollutant Dr. Bhavna D Soni
Professor of Chemical Engineering
Sal College of Engineering Ahemdabad
1 Investigation on Neuroprotectctantspresent in herbal Medicines for Treatment of Neurodegenerative diseases Professor
Dr.Sangita Sharma,
Dept.of chemistry
North Gujarat university,patan,
2 Target identification, Developmentand structural modification of novel heterocyclic entities as anantitubercular agent Dr.Ranjan C. Khunt,
Department of chemistry ,SaurashtraUniversity,Rajkot-5,
3 Purification of industrial Effluentusing new polymeric material: Simultaneous removal of heavy metal and Dyescolor from industrial Effluent Dr.RituB.Dixit,
ARIBAS New Vidhyanagar,Anand-388121,
4 Development of Biodegradable PlasticFilms From Renewable Resources Dr.JigarV.Patel,
Institute of Science &technology for advance studies & research , vallabh Vidhyanagar-388120,
5 Studies on Development of AnalyticalMethod, Validation and application forsome formulated drugs Dr. Chintan. V. Pandya
HVNP institute of post graduatestudies and Research,Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya,kadi
6 Prodigious functionalizedsupramolecular assemblies:synthesis, Depiction and portential applications Dr. Bharat A. Makwana
HVNP institute of post graduatestudies and Research,Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya,kadi
7 Discovery of NCE as anticancer andantimalarial agents using structure based design approch Dr. Hitesh D. Patel
Associate Prof.
Chemistry department ,School ofsciences
Gujarat University,Navragpura,Ahemdabad,380009
8 Synthesis, characterization andmesomorphic properties of novel liquid crystalline materials Dr. Hemant N. Patel
Shri Maneklal M.Patel Institute ofscience & Research, M.Sc Chemistry department,Kadisarva vishwavidyalaya,sector15, Gandhinager
9 Field trial of sulphate of photash (sop)beingprepard through DST Project Dr. K.B.Polara.
Department of agricultural chemistryand soil science
Junagadh Agricultural University
1 Detail investigation of MicrobialHydrolysis of Tamarind kernel powder based thickener used in polyster textileprinting units,with effective remedial Measures. Asso.Professor
Dr. Farida.P.Minocheherhomji,
Dept.of Microbiology
B.P.Baria science institute.Navsari,
2 Targeted inhibition of 38MAPK bySB202190 leads to differentiation and apoptosis in neuroblastoma cell Dr. Hetal Roy
Assistant Professor
Zoology Department
M.S.University of Baroda,
Vadodara ,Gujarat
3 To Study the biogical Assessment ofOrthoptera Using DNA barcode Approch Prof. Pragna Parikh
Department of Zoology
The Maharaja Sayajirao University OfBaroda
4 Investigating the effects ofpesticides on structure and function of protein leading to cellular toxicity Dr.Satish Kumar
Assistant professor,
Institute of Forensic Science
Gujaarat forensic sciencesuniversity,Near DFS headquarter, Sector 9, Gandhinager,Gujarat
1 HalloysiteNanotue An efficient drugdelivery tool for enhancement of bioavailability of fluoroquinolones Dr.DeepakRawtani,
Dept.of Nanotechnology
Institute of Research
And Development,
Gujarat Forensic ScienceUniversity,Gandhinager
2 Synthesis
And characterization of carbonNano-Dot based dye solar cell
Dr.Jaysuh H Markna,
Dept.of Nanotechnology
V.V.P Engineering
3 Synthesis and characterization ofsemiconductor metal sulfide thin films by solution techniques Prof.SunilH.Chaki,
P.G.Deparment of physics ,SardarPatel university, Vallabh Vidhyanagar,
4 Study of the collective modes ofpair-ion plasms Dr. Swati Baruah
Assistant Professor,
Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya,
Civil Engineering
1 Use of nano material for making ofeconomical durable concrete with desired strength and reduction of emissionof Green House Gases Asst.Professor
Dept.of civil Engineering and Nanotechnology.
V.V.P Engineering college Rajkot,
2 Experimental studies on HighPerformance Concrete using industrial wastes Dr.C.D.Modhera,
Sardar Vallabhbhai nationalinstitute of technology, Surat,
3 Some Studies on performance ofpervious concrete for improving soft ground Patel
Applied Mechanical Department
S.V.National institution oftechnology,Surat-395007
4 Parametric study on performance ofBacillus pesteurii on high volume fly Ash concrete for Generation of crackfree green concrete Prof.(Dr) Indrajit Patel
BVM Engineering College, VallabhVidyanager,Gujrat.
5 Study of re-cycle Aggregate forre-use in construction Prashant Bhuva
Civil Engineering Department,
Noble Group of Institutionsjunagadh-362310  
6 Study of concrete by using wasteMaterial as an optimum Replacement of cement Prof.Dr. V. M. Patel
Professor,Civil & InfrastructureEngineering,
Adani Institute of InfrastructureEngineering,AIIM Building,Shantigram, Ahemdabad-382421
7 Study on strength of retrofitted RCbeam and column using FRP Sheet Dr.K.B.Parikh,
Government Engineering college,Zalod road,Dahod-389151,
1 Silver Nanoparticles :Chemically andBiosynthetically prepared silver nanoparticles for the targeted drug delivery Dr. Gaurav shah,
Deparment ,CRC Building, VeerNarmad South GujratUniversity,Udhana-Magdallaroad,Surat-395007
2 Development of Nenotechnology Based Formulation of poorly Water Soluble Drug to Enhance the Solubility and Dissolution Rate For Better Bioavailability Dr. Ramesh B. Parmar M. Pharm.(Pharmaceutics),Ph.D.Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, S.J.Thakkar Pharmacy College, Rajkot-36005
3 Application of Nanotechnology foreffective Treatment of Tuberculosis Dr. Sunny R.Shah
Assistant Professor,
Pharmaceutics Department,
B.K.Mody.Pharmacy College,
1 Graph coloring problem in thecontext of some graph Operations Dr.S.K.Vaidya,
Department of Mathematics ,SaurashtraUniversity, Rajkot-360005
2 Study on Magnetohydrodynamic flowsunder different physical conditions Dr.Rajivkumar Singh
Applied science andhumanities,pacific school of Engineering,palsana, Surat
3 In the Wake of Chaos:UnpredictableBehavior in Dynamical Systems Ms.Manisha Attri
HOD,M.Sc(Mathematics) Department,
Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya,Sector-15, Gandhinagar
Mechanical Engineering
1 Experimental Investigation OnUltrasonic Single point Iccremental Forming (USPIF) Professor
Dept.of Mechanical Engineering.NirmaUniversity.Ahmedabad-382481
2 Design ,Development and Analysis ofMulti-Stage active solar distillation for Small scale drinking waterapplication Dr. Hitesh N Panchal,
Gujarat power engineering & research institute ahemdabad-,
3 Experimental investigation to studythe effect of micro coated tool on the surface topology of hard to machinematerials Dr. SanketN.Bhavsar&Dr.AnandY.Joshi,
G.H.Patel college of Engg. &Tech. Bakrol Road, Vallabh Vidhyanager-388120,
4 Design and development of algae tooil extraction and oilgae to biodiesel conversion system Alpesh V Mheta ,
Government Engineeringcollege,Godhra,
5 Investigation of Reciprocating vibroscreen for agro industries Mr. Jayesh V Desai
Mechanical engineering department,
LDRP-ITR, Gandhinager.
6 Simulation of patentedtechnology-"Ultrasound Effects on metal degassing process”with comsolMultiphysics Kedar Bhojak
Mechanical engineering department,
LDRP-ITR, Gandhinager.
7 Exploraing ergonomic problems,coping strategies and design solution for residential modular kitchens Dr.Nidhi Gupta
Associate professor,
Department of family Resourcemanagement,
S.M..Patel College Of Home science ,Vallabh Vidyanager,
8 Experimental investigation ofNanofluid thermal Conductivity Enhancement Dattatraya Subhedar,
Assistant Professor, Department ofMechanical Engineering,
Chandubhai S Patel Institute Oftechnology,
Charotar University of science andThechnology (CHARUSAT)
9 Development of high fiber volumefraction –polymer matrix Composites (HFV– PMCs) using Vacuum Assisted ResinTransfer Molding (VARTM) Dr.Piyush P Gohil
Associate Professor,
Department of MechanicalEngineering,
The M.S.University of Baroda(Gujrat),
10 Development of Novel Electromageticstir Casting set up for Production of Metal Matrix Composite Prof. Jitendra M.Mistry
Asssistant Professor,
Mechanical Engineering Department,SVIT, Vasad,  
11 Machinability Investigation of metalmetrix Composites using ultrasonic machine Dr. Jagdish M Prajapati
Associate Professor,
Department of MechanicalEngineering,
The M.S.University of Baroda(Gujrat),
Environmental Science
1 Investigating the feasibility ofvioleaching technique to extract heavy metal from E-Waste Dr. Lakshmi B.
Assistant prof,
Department of biotechnology
Kadi Sarva vishwavidhyalay,Gandhinagar
2 CoGasification of agricultural wastebiomass and coal with H2O In a bubbling fluidized bed gasifier forH2 rich gas Sunil L Narnaware
Assistant Professor,
C.L.Patel Institute of science andresearch in Renewable Energy (ISRRE)
New Vallabh Vidyanagar-388121
3 Identification of cost effectivethermal energy storage material for solar thermal power generation Dr.A.Mahesh,
Assistant Professor
C.L.Patel Institute of science andresearch in Renewable Energy (ISRRE)
New Vallabh Vidyanagar-388121
4 Photocatalytic Degradation ofselected organophosphate compounds using synthesized Nanobased materials bymembrane filtration technology Dr. Bhawana Pathak
Center for Nano Science,
Center University of Gujarat,
Sec 30, Gandhinager-382030
1 Effect of Electromegnatic waves onplants   Trushit Upadhyay,
Dept.ofEC Engg,C.S.Patel Institutionof technology.Charotar University.Changa-884521
2 Devlopment of an efficient powerelectronic converter to act as a Fuel Cell Emulator Dr. H. H. Patel,
Dept.ofElectical Engineering.
Sarvajanik college of Engg&Tech.Surat
3 New Era of securing manifoldbiometrics:Research on forensic and cyber security Augmentation Dr. Chirag N. Paunwala
Dept.ofEC Engg.
Sarvajanik college of Engg&Tech.Surat
4 Analysis,design and development ofict based model for clean india mission Asst.Professor
Dr. Aditya Patel,
Dept.of School of computer studies.
AES institute of computer studies
5 Development of Load BalancingTechnique in Cloud Computing Environment Dr. Narayan A Joshi,
Parul University ,Vadodara,
6 Enhancement of the gain of UWBplanar antennas using partially reflective surfaces UWB(Ultra wideband),PRS(partially reflective surface) P.R.Prajapati,
A.D.Patel institute of Technology,New Vallabhvidhyanager
7 Protein Characterization usingMachine learing Dr. Maulika S.Patel,
G.H.Patel college of Engg.&Technology,Bakrolroad,V.V.Nager,
8 Development of tool for theConversion of Braille to Gujarati Text for assisting Visually Impaired people Dr.PareshV.Virparia,
G.H.Patel college ofEngg.&technology,Bakrolroad, V.V.Nager
9 Evaluation of current controlstrategy and direct power control Algorithm for shunt active power filter Dr.RajendrasinhJadeja ,
Electrical engineeringDepartment,Marwadi education foundation group of institution ,Rajkot-36003,
10 Biological electronics circuit madefrom blood serum, blood and silicon rubber tubular harness Mr.Killol V.Pandya
Electronics & Communication engineering
C S Patel Institute OfTechnology,Harotar University Of Science And Technology ,CHANGA,Anand
11 Development of Adaptive ControlAlgorithm for Shunt Compensator Dr. Sabha Raj Arya
Assistant Professor ,
Sardar Vallabhbhai NationalInstitute of Technology,Surat
12 The safe method of bone fracturedetection using ultrasound images Prof .Anand J. Patel
VPMP Polytechnic
LDRP Campus,Sector-15
13 Smart Attendance Dr.Hemal V.Shah
Computer Science And Engineering,
U.V.Patel College Of Engineering,
Ganpat University
14 FinFET Based SRAM Cell Design Prof.Mitesh Limachia
Assistant Professor,
Department Of Electronics andCommunication ,D.D.University, Nadiad-387001
15 Design and Devlopment of ametamaterial absorber in the frequency band of 300MHz-4GHz(UHF band) Dr.Prarthan D.Mehta
Assistant Professor,
Department Of Electronics andCommunication ,D.D.University, Nadiad-387001
16 Woman Security-A distributed AndroidApp Dr. Shefali Singhal
ComputerScience and Engineering
Madhuben and Bhanubhai patel Womaninstityute of engineering for studies and research in computer andcommunication technology
New vallabh vidyanager
17 Pattern Recognition Through SignalProcessing for pattern mapping of musical syllable Ms. Rupam Patel
MCA Department
LDRP-Institute of Technology andResearch
18 Air pollution Monitoring System ForAnand City based on Delay tolerant Communication Technology Dr. Mehul B. Shah
Electronics & Telecommunication
BVM Enginnering college
Vallabh vidhyanager-388120
19 Emultion of hidden intertia ofvariable speed wind turbine Generators for frequency regulation Dr. Pragnesh Bhatt
Department of Electrical engineering
C.S.Patel institute of technology
Charotar University of science andtechnology,
20 Cloud based centralized Data Centerfor publication sector services ,GSDC under NeGP Prof. Lata J Gadhavi
Department of computer science andengineering
S.P.B.Patel Engineering College,
Saffrony Institute ofTechnology,Linch,Mahesana,
21 Tag Cloud generation through seeddetection Algorithm for social community Dr.Tejal Patalia
Head of the Department, ComputerEngineering
V.V.P Engineering college,
Opp.Motel The Village,
Virda Vajdi,
Kalawad road,
22 Design and performance Analysis ofNon-parametric Detection algorithm for Cognitive Radio-MIMO communications DrDhava l Patel,
Institute of Engineering &technology, Ahmedabad university ,Navrangpura ,ahemdabad-380009,
1 Investigation of Potential of Buteamonospermaagainst neurodegeneration. Dr.ShitalPanchal,
Dept.of Pharmacology,
Nirma University, Ahmedabad-382481,  
2 Development of Carvacrolnanobeadsfor the treatment of multi-drug resistant burn-wound infections Dr.SulekhaBhadra,
Parul Institution of Pharmacy.LimdaVadodara,  
3 Screening and characterization ofanticancer bioactive principle from the indigenous plants of dangforest,Gujarat. Dr.Priti Mehta,
Dept.of Pharmaceutical
Institute of Technology
Nirma University,    
4 Agonism of novel target TGR5 and FXRin mitigation of olanzapine and fat high carbohydrate diet inducedcardio-metabolic syndrome in rats Mihir Parikh,
Anand pharmacy college,  
5 Formulation and evalution of flotingmicrospongesof an antidiabetic drug Dr. Naazneen Imtiazsurfi,
Dept.of Pharmacy
Babaria institute of pharmacy,BITSeducation campus Varnama  
6 Investigation of pharmacologicalactions of incretins and related drugs in metabolic disorders Ms.Priyanka Shukla,
Dept.of Pharmacology
L.J Institute of pharmacy,  
7 Devlopment of new pro drugs forHIF-1 inhibitons:A new hope for cancer therapy Ms.Meghna Patel,
Dept.of pharmaceutical chemistry.
Shree dhanvantry pharmacy college,kim,surat  
8 Preparation and characterization
Of microparticals usingsupercritical fluid technique
Dr.Jayvadan K. Patel,
Dept.of pharmaceutics
Nootan pharmacy college.visnagar,  
9 Formulation and Characterization ofProthionamide nanoparticles for pulmonary administration Mr.Sujit Kumar Debnath
N.R.Vekaria Institute Of Pharmacy,C.L.Collegecampus,Bikha Road ,Junagadh,Gujarat,  
10 Screening of soil for a potentialantimicrobial producing isolate against multi drug resistant strain Mrs. BinaJ.Aghera,
N.R.Vekaria Institute Of Pharmacy,C.L.Collegecampus,Bikha Road ,Junagadh,Gujarat,
11 Design and Synthesis of Novelpteridine Derivatives as Aurora Kinase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancer Dr.HardikG.Bhatt,
Department of pharmaceutical chemistry ,Institute ofPharmacy ,Nirma university,Ahemdabad-382481,
12 Development and Characterization ofCisplatin-loaded Polymeric nanomicelles:Potential exploration for theinhalational treatment of targeted delivery Ms.AshaS.Patel,
Anand Pharmacy college ,Anand,  
13 Evaluation of chemoprotectivepotential of active constituent of L.usitatissimum in colon cancer associatedwith diabetes mellitus Dr.BhoomikaM.Patel
Institute of Pharmacy ,Nirmauniversity,Ahemdabad-382481,
14 Designing and Theraputic Assessmentof the Nutritionl cum Restorative Formulations for the Management of Painful –irregular Menstruation in Youngand Ypungand Adolescent girls of Gujarat Dr.Dilip Jani,
G.J.Patel institute ofAyurvedic Studies and Research&S.G.Patel Ayurveda Hospital and Maternity Home, New VallabhVidyanager.,
15 High Functionality Co-processedexcipient compositions and microwave assisted preparation method thereof Dr. Madhabhai. M. Patel
Kalol Institute of pharmacy ,KIRCCampus,Ahemdabad-382721,  
16 Synthesis of Curcumin/CurcuminAnalogs-Piperine And Dendrimer Conjugates and Evaluation of their BiologicalActivity Dr. satyendra Mishra,
Department of medicalchemistry,University and Institute of Advanced Research,Koba institutionalArea,koba,Gandinager-382007,
17 In-Vitro In vivo Screening of CommiphoraWeightii(Arnatt) Extractsprepared by Sodhana process for Hyperlipidemia Dr.MayureeA.Patel,
Department of Pharmavognosy,Facultyof pharmacy, Dharmsinh Desai University,Nadiad-387001,
18 Dual-Functional cationic solid lipidnano particles of anti-cancer drug Mr. Sankha Bhattacharya, college–Rampura(godhra)-388713
19 Development of Herbal Formulationfor Autoimmune related disorder Dr.MamtaB.Shah,
L.M.College of pharmacy,Ahemdabad,
20 Investigation of the role ofTephrosiapurpurea in the cardiovascular complications in rats Dr.ShraddhaBhadada,
Institute of Pharmacy ,Nirmauniversity,Ahemdabad-382481,
21 Identification of theneuroprotective potential of Spirulina (Arthrospiraplatensis) using Alzheimer'sdisease model in Drosophila melanogaster Dr.AnandK.Tiwari,
Genetics & Development Biologydeparment,University And institute of Advanced Research,Koba,Gandhinager-382007,
22 Design of multi-Target inhibitorsfor management of type-2-diabetes and associated cardiovascular risk Nr. JagatkumarUpadhyay,
Faculty of pharmacy, Dharmsinh DesaiUniversity,Nadiad-387001,
23 Subgingival Delivery of therapeuticagent in the treatment of periodontitis using dental implant Mr.Rakesh Parmar,
Sardar patel college of pharmacy,vidhyanager-vadtal road, Near Zen school ,Anand
24 Multiresidue Analyticalinvestigation of selected organophosphorous pesticides in vegetables andfruits from Rajkot region using QuEchERS approach by Liquid Chromatography–TripalQuadrupole mass Spectrometric method and minimizing its Dietary Exposure Dr.N.H.vadia,
Department of pharmaceuticalscience, Saurashtra university,Rajkot,
25 Evaluation of antiobesity activityof Garugapinnatagalls,isoltation and characterization of its activeprincipale Dr.SamirK.Shah,
Sardarpatel college ofpharmacy,Bakrol-VadtalRoad,Bakrol,
26 Role of termineliaarjuna inmanagement of glucocorticoid-induced secondary osteoporosis in female rats Dr.SandipBhikhubhai Patel,
IndukakaIpcowala College of pharmacy,newvallabhVidhyanager,anand-388121,
27 Psychopharmacological evaluation ofherbal formulation –Anexperimental study Dr. SunitaGoswami,
Department of pharmacology,L.M.College of Pharmacy,ahemdabad-380009,
28 Understanding the molecular mechnisumof some anti diabetic medicinal plants on advanced glycation end inhibitionby in vitro techniques Dr.jagdishS. Patel,
P.D.Patel institute of appliedsciences, Charotara University of science and technology,CHARUSATcampus,change-388421,
29 Devlpoment and characterization ofnewer solid self micro emulsifying drug delivery system for improvingsolubility of antidiabetic drug Ms.MansiDholakia,
Anand pharmacy college,
30 Evolution of aldose-reductaseinhibition in high fat diet-streptozotocin induced rat model for polycysticovary syndrome Dr.GaurangB.Shah,
K.B.Institute of Pharmacologyeducation and research,
31 Desine ,synthesis,andpharmacological screening of6-alkyl-3formyl-N-[(un)substitutedphenyl]-2(1H)-one/thione-5-carboxamindederivatives as calcium channel blockers. Dr.Pankajkapupara,
School of pharmacy,Rajkotuniversity.Rajkot,
32 Synthesis and evaluation of somenovel lipid lowering agents Ms.AvaniBharatkumarChokshi,
Ramanbhaipatel College ofpharmacy,Charotar university of science and Technology,CharusatCampus,Changa-388421
33 Development of morphologycontrollable porous hyaluronic acid particle for lung cencer targeting Dr. Deepa H. Patel
Associate Professor
Parul Institute Of Pharmacy &Research, Faculty Of Pharmacy, Parul University
34 Improvement of physicochemicalproperties of active pharmaceutical ingredient via solid sate modification Ms.Kunt I A.Shah
Assistant Professor
Ramanbhaipatel College of Pharmacy
35 Development and characterization ofnail drug delivery system for treatment of onychomycosis Dr. PunitParejiya
K. B. Institute of PharmaceuticalEducation and Research,Sector-23,
36 Design ,Development and Optimizationof the Self-Nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery System (SNEDDS)Of Poorly SolubleDrug. Dr.AjayB.Solanki
Assistant Professor in Pharmcy
A.R.College of Pharmay&G.H.PatelInstitute of Pharmacy ,Vallabh Vidyanager-388120
37 Design And Synthesis ofNovelselective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) as potentialantidepressant agents Dr.VipulM.Vagela
Assistant Professor in Pharmcy
A.R.College ofPharmavy&G.H.Patel Institute of Pharmacy ,Vallabh Vidyanager-388120
38 Nanoemulsion Based Drug deliverysystem for lipophilic psychotropic compound ,development,Characterization andCytotoxicity study Dr.(Mrs).MrunaliR.Patel
Assistant Professor in Pharmcy
IndukakaIpcowala college ofpharmacy,
P.B.No.53,NewVallabhVidhyanager,VithalUdyog Nagar-388121
39 Repositioning Of Clinical Drugs AsTherapy for HPV induced Cervical Cancer Dr. MileeAgarwal
B.V.Patel Pharmaceutical Education
Research Development (PERD)Center,
40 MicroRNAs profiling in humancolorectal cancer-a pilot study Dr. Nandita R. Ghosh
Senior Scientific Officer
Division Molecular Endocrinology,Department Cancer Biology,
The Gujarat Cancer & ResearchInstitute (GCRI),Asarwa,Ahemdebad-380016
41 Design ,synthesis and biologicalEvaluation of Novel Benzamide Analogues for histone Deacetylase inhibition inCancer Therapy Dr. Vipul P. Patel
Sr. Assistant Professor,
Faculty of Pharmacy,
Dharmsinh Desai University,
42 Role Of thyroid hormone oninflammatory cascade of implantation special reference with hypothyroidism. Rita P. Rana
Research Assistant
B .V. Patel Pharmaceutical Educationand Research Development (PERD) Centre.Thaltej,
Gadhinagerahemdabad Highway-380054
43 Formulation and evaluation ofpolyherbal formulation for the treatment of post menopausal osteoporosis Ms.NimishaKakadia
K.B.Institute of pharmaceuticaleducation and research
Near GH-6 Circle,Sector-23
44 Standardization and evaluation ofneuroprotective potential of some herbal drugs in alzheimers Disease Dr. Mona R. Kukkar
Assistant professor in pharmacy
A.R.College of Pharmacy&G.H.Patel Institute of Pharmacy
Vallabh Vidhyanager,Anand-388120
45 Development of analytical method forquality control of herbal product throughout its shelf life Bhavik Satani
Assistant Professor
Maliba Pharmacy college
46 Role of DPP-IV Inhibitors : Beyonddiabetes- An Emphasis on Cardioprotection and Neuroprotection. Dr.BhavinA.Vyas,
HOD of Pharmacology,
Maliba Pharmacy College,
47 Evaluation of endophytes for theirantimicrobial plants in south Gujarat Dr. NiravGheewala
Assistant professor,
Department of PharmaceuticalMicrobiology
Shree Dhanvantary PharmacyCollege,Kim,Surat
48 Investigation of effect on prolylhydroxylase inhibition in diabetic renocardiac syndrome Dr. Aaishwaryadevi B. Deshmukh
Assistant professor,
Department of Pharmacology
Shankersinh Vaghela Bapu instituteof pharmacy
49 Synthesis and Characterization ofgarlic acid derivatives and evaluation of anti-aging properties Dr. Atindra D. Shukla
Associate Professore,
Shah –Schulman Center for surfacescience & Nanotechnology, Dharamsinh Desai University, Nadiad, Gujarat
50 Formulation and characterization ofNanoparticulate drug delivery system for effective cancer treatment Ms. Priya V Patel
Assistant professor,
Department of Pharmaceutics
Saurashtra University,
51 Design , Synthesis and antidiabeticevaluation of some pyrimidine derivatives as glucokinase activators Dr. Harsha U. Patel
Shri sarvajanik pharmacy college
Near Arvind, MAhsana-384001
52 Investigation in to anti-asthmaticactivity of TLR-44 antagonist in experimental models asthama Dr. Anita A. Mahta
Professor and head,
L.M.C0llege of pharmacy  
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