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Minor Research Project (MRP)

To nurture research activities and to promote research and development sector in the state, research projects related to Science and Technology Studies and Surveys, Location Specific Research and Technology Development, Pilot Scale Demonstration Projects, Joint Programme, Information exchange and experience sharing, Industrial Problem etc are supported.

To encourage research and innovation in areas of relevance for the economy and society, particularly by promoting close and productive interaction between private and public institution in Science and Technology. Sectors such as agriculture (particularly soil and water management, human and animal nutrition), water, health, education, industry, and energy including renewable energy, communication and transportation would be accorded highest priority, Key leverage technologies such as electronics & emerging technologies.

Financial assistance is given to the researcher to carry out research work. The natures of research projects supported by the council are as follows:

  • Science & Technological Studies and Surveys:

    This includes support for carrying out S&T studies/surveys including techno-economic analysis, simulation modeling and studies etc; and development of State S&T database, S&T resources, State S&T policy issues; specific status reports etc: The activities under this head should lead to specific action plan for project generation.
  • Location specific research and technology development:

    Identifying/projecting S&T programmes including support for development oriented location specific research and technology development.
  • Pilot scale demonstration projects:

    Pilot scale demonstration projects incling field trials etc based on technologies developed by S&T Agencies/Labs/Institutions etc. relevant to the State needs.
  • Joint Programming:

    To evolve and support certain joint programmes focusing on multi-sectoral area based approach to rural/regional development in cooperation with multiple State & Central Institutions. These areas should be so identified where S&T intervention could significantly improve the existing socio-economic conditions.
  • Information Exchange and Experience Sharing:

    This would include meetings/workshops and other means of information exchange and interaction of S&T experts and/or of S&T field activists etc: Workshops on dissemination of specific technology, Project/Programme formulation workshops.
  • Industrial Problem:

    This would include the problems faced by small/medium scale industries which are not in position to invest individuals for research for their problems.
Sr. No. Title Year
1 Field Wise Sanctioned Minor Research Project 2015-2016
2 Field Wise Sanctioned Minor Research Project 2014-2015
3 Field Wise Sanctioned Minor Research Project 2013-2014
4 Field Wise Sanctioned Minor Research Project 2012-2013
5 List of MRP Sanctioned 2013-2014
6 The AP-Index within and Beyond Hirsch Core ch-1.pdf(1.25 MB)
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