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Regional Science Museum, Bhuj

The Regional Science Museum Bhuj will be an innovative hub for science learning and appreciation platform to engage, educate and empower the next generation learners in the cutting edge of Science & Technology. It has been conceptualised over an area of 10.00 acres of land and 6100 sq m built up area with a vibrant design to inspire curiosity for life-long learning.

The approach and methodology of the RSM Bhuj is focused on informal community based learning which is different from the formal mode of education. All the programmes and activities will be intended to enliven the imagination, foster creativity and develop a spirit of inquiry, especially in young minds. School-children, during their visit, discover the wonders of science and technology and get an access to the most exciting and contemporary form of entertainment regardless of the social stratum, education or age group and create a culture of learning.


To inculcate scientific temper among the people and to generate and sustain a high level of general scientific awareness in the society.

To portray / communicate the growth of S&T and its applications in improving the quality of life through exhibitions, seminars, popular lectures, science camps and a host of other activities / programmes.

To communicate / popularize science and technology in cities, urban and rural areas for the benefit of students and the common man.

The RSM Bhuj will act

  • As an interface between S&T and society
  • As a Resource-cum-facility centre for Community Science Centres of the region
  • As a Resource-cum-facility centre for the students and teachers of the region
  • As an Awareness-cum-facilitation centre for the public
  • As a regional nodal agency while organizing State-wide / country-wide S&T Communication programmes
  • As an interface with Gujarat Science City and Community Science Centres of the State

To collect, restore and preserve important historical objects, which represent landmarks in the development of science, technology and industry.

To design, develop and fabricate science museum exhibits, demonstration equipment and teaching / learning aids for science education and popularization.

To supplement formal science education in schools and colleges through out-of-school educational activities to foster a spirit of scientific enquiry and creativity among the students.

To organize training programs for science teachers / students / young entrepreneurs / technicians / handicapped/housewives and others on specific aspects of science, technology and industry.

To render assistance to universities, technical institutions, museums, schools and colleges and / or other bodies in planning and organizing science museums and in training of personnel for museum profession.

Information about Regional Science Museum at Bhuj

India of the 21st century is an aspiring country with aspirations of faster, sustainable and inclusive growth. The S&T has emerged globally as one of the major driver of socio-economic development and the sector must play a major proactive role in delivering on the aspirations of Indians. In the fast growing Indian economy, there are increasing expectations for scientific interventions for addressing a large variety of socio-economic, industrial and strategic issues. The country also offers enabling unique opportunity of the large demographic dividend with talented pool of scientists, engineers, innovators and start-ups with brilliant ideas for economic development.

Theme-Based Galleries

The Regional Science Museum Bhuj has the following theme-based galleries with innovative exhibits to educate, engage and experience the students of schools and colleges as well as the general public and visitors.

Space Science Gallery

Gallery dedicated to astronomy and space sciences, the space science gallery focuses on descriptive and interactive exhibits on various astronomical theories and bodies and showcases past, present and future of space exploration.

The visitors get to learn about space, astronomy and space sciences through infographic displays and models.

A section dedicated to India’s advancement in the field of space exploration.

An interactive game on space flights.

Energy Education Gallery

Energy science gallery will display various principles of energy from theory to practical application.

Various working and scaled models will educate and inform the visitors about how energy touches everyday aspect of our lives.

Bonsai Gallery

This gallery displays the science and art of bonsai through various infographics and live species displaying different techniques used in bonsai.

The gallery showcases on different sizes, styles of bonsai and at the end, visitors will get to apply the concepts learnt in an interactive game designed to give hand on and realistic experience.

Marine Navigation Gallery

Marine Navigation Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting science, techniques and instruments used to navigate the vast oceans around the globe.

Starting from ancient age, the gallery explains various tools and techniques, encompassing medieval age and modern age including various international codes of signals and navigation aids, the gallery will also have an interactive simulation.

Nanotechnology Gallery

The gallery dedicated to this relatively new branch of science shall exhibit various principles, tools, techniques and applications of nanotechnology.

Exhibition of various products developed using nanotechnology will help visitors understand present application and future of nanotechnology.

Field Medal Gallery

The first of its kind gallery dedicated to mathematicians who are Fields Medal Prize winners (equivalent of Nobel Prize).

From explaining crucial and important mathematical concepts, the gallery honors prominent mathematicians whose notable contribution to the field of mathematics shall be inspirational for generations to come.

The RSM Bhuj includes a very attractive design with circular canopies. The concept and design would be a landmark, leading-edge science and technology exploration centre targeting, stimulating, and inspiring the inquisitive minds. It would be more than just an exciting place to explore, would be home to a sustainable, collaborative, socially engaged organisation managing a dynamic network of science and technology-related programming that reaches out across the length and breadth of the country.

In addition to the theme-galleries, the RSM Bhuj will provide a creative platform for discovery and exploration, especially for school students by the out-door installations and theme based activities, portable solar observatory and so on.

Students and researcher with innovative ideas will benefited with such creative destination, where they can easily transform their creative ideas into the deliverable form, at least on a lab scale or pilot project basis. Creative labs in science, engineering, technology and math (STEM) disciplines work as a generator of intellectual properties like patents and industrial designs. The RSM Bhuj will organise a series of scientific programmes and outreach activities in the line of visionary campaign of the Creative India! Innovative India of Government of India.

Approach and Methodology

For the development, the approach in terms of collection of object / artefacts and kind of citizen engagement that the RSM Bhuj is visualising is as follows:

  • Every gallery object should be for ages 2 to 80 years old.
  • Articles/ Objects/ Artefacts to cater to following type of interactions:
    • Seeing the Object from a Distance
    • Touching the object
    • Lifting the object
    • Playing with the object
    • Movies/ Virtual Reality
    • Assembling / Building the object
    • Simulation / Feel Experience

Programmes and Outreach Activities

  • Organize training programmes for scientific personnel of Community Science Centres
  • Organize training programmes for teachers / students on specific issues in Collaboration with Department of Education on different aspects / issues of S&T and their impact on society
  • Develop innovative exhibits / experiments
  • Maintain regular contact with national agencies like NCSM / NCSTC / Vigyan Prasar and adapt software / resource material developed by them for S&T communication
  • Maintain a list of resource persons / scientists of the region and invite them to initiate / conduct new activities and / or develop new exhibits from time to time
  • Organize State-wide / country-wide S&T communication programmes in the region

The RSM Bhuj has an important role to play in facilitating STEM and lifelong learning, in terms of creative, cultural and intellectual activity beyond any merely vocational aspects. Lifelong learning, museums and digital technologies share many of the same attributes, with emphasis on learning from objects (rather than about objects) and on strategies for discovering information.

The RSM Bhuj has been designed with a number of practical considerations when planning learning opportunities, namely to:

  • engage in learning as constructive dialogue rather than as a passive process of transmission
  • take on the role of privileged participant rather than that of expert
  • carefully evaluate the significance of the formal school curriculum (and its assessment process)
  • facilitate lifelong learning by providing a free-choice learning environment that permits a plethora of pathways and possibilities.

RSM Bhuj will be the most ideal and innovative platform for the children and the common mass for their curiosity and explore at the intersection of science, art, and human perception.


The DST/GUJCOST has engage M/s Ernst & Young LLP as Master Consultant of this project. M/s INI Design Studio in consortium with Kling Consult GmBH has been selected as Design and Technical Agency (DTA) and designed the concept and content of the museum. M/s Cube Construction Engineering Limited in association with Goel Scientific Glass Works Ltd have been appointed as the Construction and Maintenance Agency (CMA) who will construct the building and to install the exhibits with theming. The CMA will also be responsible for the O&M for a period of five years.

The cost of the project is Rs.84.96 Crore and will be completed in 24 months.


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